Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes in Build 1880

Bug Fixes in Build 1915

The following bugs are fixed in PowerBuilder 2017 R3 (Build 1858):

  • (BugZilla ID: 1057) In PowerBuilder Japanese environment, the DataWindow IME property does not take effect and the language bar does not change accordingly when the focus is switched between the DataWindow fields.

  • (BugZilla ID: N/A) In PowerBuilder Japanese environment, the TrimSpaces property is set to 1 and does not take effect.

  • (BugZilla ID: 868) When you enter a full-width numeral in a numeric column, the conversion is incorrect.

  • (BugZilla ID: 831) After a workspace is added to the SVN source control, committing a PBD file will cause errors.

  • (BugZilla ID: 724) If the SCC Interface component is not selected to install during the PowerBuilder installation process, PowerBuilder will fail to launch after installation is complete, and the error indicates that PBSourceControl170.dll is missing.

  • (BugZilla ID: 699) PBSourceControl170.dll should not be required for deployment.

  • (BugZilla ID: 332) RichTextEdit control displays truncated text in Paragraph orientation drop-down in Bold font.

  • (BugZilla ID: 807, 1322) InputFieldChangeData function failed to show the carriage return at the beginning of the string in the RichTextEdit control.

  • (BugZilla ID: 834, 364, 629, 942) RichTextEdit control opens very slowly and the control does not paint correctly if the default printer is a remote desktop printer.

  • (BugZilla ID: 1006) In the Arabic environment, PowerBuilder crashed when exporting the PDF file using the NativePDF method.

  • (BugZilla ID: 493) After changing the RichTextEdit control to the preview mode, the control switches back to the edit mode when printing or saving the document, although the setting (control.isPreview) still indicates that it is in the preview mode. And changing the preview mode to the edit mode does not take effect.

  • (BugZilla ID: 441) When the RichTextEdit control is empty, CopyRTF function returns an empty string in PowerBuilder 12.6, while returns the richtext format settings in PowerBuilder 2017.

  • (BugZilla ID: N/A) When the specified directory does not exist, SaveAs to XML returns 1 which is incorrect.

  • (BugZilla ID: 664) When saving RichTextEdit DataWindow as a PDF file, the file will have duplicate pages.

  • (BugZilla ID: 288 partially fixed) In printout of RichTextEdit controls, lines or texts may be truncated on the right of the page.

  • (BugZilla ID: 325) The vertical scrollbar in the sort dialog hides the ascending check box.

  • (BugZilla ID: 1064, 1021) When a shared redirected local printer is selected as default, PrintSetup and PrintGetPrinter functions failed to return it as the default printer.

  • (BugZilla ID: 342) PowerBuilder IDE crashes, when AutoScript is used in a non-visual user object with an object-level structure used as function return type.

  • (BugZilla ID: 494) PowerBuilder IDE crashes, if the InsertDocument function specifies the directory without the file name.

  • (BugZilla ID: 1119) The lower border of the RichTextEdit control toolbar does not show completely.

  • (BugZilla ID: 329) CrossTab DataWindow crashes in 64-bit executable if retrieving 8200+ rows.

  • (BugZilla ID: 208, 581) After Outlook 2010 is called in the PowerBuilder application to send emails, PowerBuilder process cannot be correctly ended when PowerBuilder IDE is closed and Outlook 2010 could not be successfully launched on its own.

  • (BugZilla ID: 1071) After setting the DataWindow sort using LookupDisplay, the sort order value (ascending, descending etc.) is missing.

  • (BugZilla ID: 926) RESTClient object returns null values for some float-type columns of the DataWindow.

  • (BugZilla ID: N/A) Git Pull and/or Git Push creates unnecessary short-term branches and merges which are a headache to resolve.

  • (Internal Bug) If you use the new Git/SVN feature, OrcaScript would fail to create PBLs from source code, because OrcaScript still looks for the source code in the same directory that the PBL is located at, but the source code is is now stored in the ws_objects folder under the directory that the PBL is located at.

  • (Internal Bug) The newly added fields such as Password, Author, Email etc. in the Source Control tab in the Properties of Workspace dialog box do not have text pop-ups when you press F1 for the field, rather, pressing F1 may cause the PowerBuilder IDE to crash.

  • (Internal Bug) On Windows 10, the column with the rich-text edit style will perform slowly (approximately 6 times slower than before), especially in the Grid or Tabular DataWindow.

  • (Internal Bug) On Windows 7 or 10, in the RichText DataWindow, when the title bar is true and the title is empty, the screen will flash if you scroll the mouse to refresh the DataWindow.

  • (Internal Bug) For PowerBuilder which is activated using an online license, if it is not connecting with the Appeon license server for over 5 days, the local license will be locked when PowerBuilder is launched next time without internet connection. After the local license is locked, if the same account is used to log in to PowerBuilder, the message "You are already logged in" appears.

  • (Internal Bug) Some data in the nested reports (most of the case, in the last nested report) may not print (appear as blank) in the PDF file. If this issue occurs, you can try to avoid it by adjusting the height of the problematic nested report.

  • (Internal Bug) When right-clicking a RichText edit style column in a DataWindow, RButtonUp event is not triggered.

  • (Internal Bug) When a column loses focus, the list symbols (mainly the customized image) that are aligned to left cannot show completely when under the preview or printout mode.