Installing PowerBuilder Components

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PowerBuilder Components

Run the setup program to install PowerBuilder.


If PowerBuilder 2017 or 2017 R2 is installed, you can directly upgrade it to 2017 R3 by running the setup program. All of your current settings and user preferences will be preserved during the upgrade.


You must have Administrator privileges to fully install this product.

If you are upgrading from PowerBuilder 2017 or 2017 R2, make sure you use the same Windows login user to run the setup program.


  1. On the Select Components page, unselect any components you do not want to install, and click Next.

    You cannot unselect the PowerBuilder Base Components option.

    Select or unselect the check boxes of individual components, or click Select All or Unselect All to change all the check boxes.

  2. On the Select Program Folder page, select the program folder to which program icons will be added, or specify a new one; then click Next.

  3. On the Start Copying Files page, review your settings, then click Next to begin installing files, or Back to change your selections.

  4. On the InstallShield Wizard Complete page, click Finish to return to the common setup program.

After installing, make sure users have write permission for their user profile directories (for example, Public Documents in Windows 7), and for HKEY_CURRENT_USER in the Windows registry.