Starting the Common Setup Program

Use the downloaded image to start the PowerBuilder setup program.

This procedure describes how to begin a local installation from a downloaded image. If you are a system administrator and want to allow users to install PowerBuilder from a network drive instead, copy the files from the downloaded image into a directory on a network drive. Users can then install PowerBuilder by running the setup program from the network.

Follow these steps to begin the PowerBuilder installation.

  1. Exit any programs that are running.

  2. Launch the PowerBuilder setup program.

    • To install from the installation package that you have downloaded from the Appeon web site, run the Autorun.exe file (in Universal edition) or the setup.exe file (in Standard or Cloud edition).

    • To install from a local network drive, follow your administrator's instructions for accessing and running the setup program there.

  3. Click Install to start the common setup program.

    The setup program collects basic and licensing information before launching the individual setup programs for PowerBuilder, and/or PowerServer.