Preinstallation Tasks

This topic describes tasks to perform before installation.

  • Read the release bulletins for the latest information on the products that you are installing. Release bulletin is available on the Appeon web site at (for PowerBuilder) and (for InfoMaker).

  • Make sure the drive on which you install PowerBuilder is not compressed. If compression is enabled on the installation drive, the setup program fails.

  • Make sure you have a TEMP environment variable that points to an existing directory location with at least 300MB free space. The setup programs write files to this directory during the installation and frees the space after the installation is complete.

  • Close any open applications.

  • Back up any files created with earlier versions of Appeon tools. Make sure that any PBLs you plan to migrate have been regenerated without error in your current version of PowerBuilder before you back them up.

    In addition to backing up your PBLs, back up any files that contain information you do not want to lose, such as database files, INI files, preference information, and modified database definition files. For more information about backing up and migrating existing applications, see Postinstallation Tasks.

  • Read the section called “Software Requirements” to determine whether you need to install any software before installing PowerBuilder 2017 R3.