Applies to

InkPicture, Picture, PictureButton, and PictureHyperlink controls, and UserObjects with tab pages


Displays a PowerTip when the user moves a cursor over the control or over the tab area of the tab page.


In a painter

To set the PowerTip:

  1. In the Window painter, display the General page of the control's Properties view, or in the User Object painter, display the TabPage tab of the UserObject's Properties view.

  2. Type a PowerTip in the box for the PowerTipText field.

In scripts

The PowerTipText property takes a string value.

The following line adds a PowerTip for tabpage_2 on tab control tab_1:

tab_1.tabpage_2.PowerTipText = "Cancel the operation"

This adds a PowerTip for a PictureButton control:

pb_1.PowerTipText = "This button opens a new form"