Running applications

Once the download and install process of the added application is complete, you are ready to access it in Appeon Workspace.

Tapping an application icon or name in the data area on the Appeon Workspace home screen will start to run the application. Applications in running will be listed in the task bar (bottom area) on the home screen as a small application icon, as shown in the following figure.

Figure 14. Appeon Workspace task bar

Appeon Workspace task bar

More than one application can be run at the same time, but only one can be displayed in the foreground and be available for accessing.

In the task bar, you can flick with your fingers to slide from screen to screen to view more applications in running, if there is more than one screen (applications) listed.

Note: The task bar will not show if there are no running applications. If you have not pinned it by tapping the pin icon (), it will be automatically hidden after it is shown for a few seconds. Tap the Appeon Workspace titlebar or the very bottom of the device screen on the Appeon Workspace home screen to show the task bar if it is hidden.