What to do next

You might be ready to make your own InfoMaker application or you might be interested in learning more by using the sample library, tutor_im.pbl. Here are some ideas.

Personalize the contact data

Delete all the data in the contact table and add your own. You can run your Contacts application to do this. Use the form to delete and add data.

Look at other sample forms and reports

In the Environment tutorial, you accessed a few of the sample forms and reports delivered with InfoMaker. Now you can go back and look at more. The samples are located in tutor_im.pbl. When you look, notice both the design version and the results you get when you run a form or report.

Use the sample pipeline

The sample library includes a sample pipeline. Pipelines let you move data structures and data within and between databases. Open the library and double-click the pipeline. This takes you to the Data Pipeline painter. The sample pipeline creates a copy of the employee table in the Demo Database. To create the copy, you execute the pipeline.

Change sample forms and reports

If you want to try some changes with samples, open the form or report and use Save As on the File menu. With Save As, you create a copy of the form or report and save it with a new name. Then you can make changes without affecting the original.

Create other forms and reports using the Demo Database

Once you have looked at the sample forms and reports, try creating some on your own. The Demo Database has several tables that you can use. You might want to start with the contact table since you are familiar with it. Use the other InfoMaker documentation and online Help as you work.