LESSON 4: Table Tutorial

This tutorial requires the Database painter

The Database painter component of InfoMaker is optional; you must have installed it to do this tutorial.

Tables are the way relational databases organize information. To take full advantage of InfoMaker's ability to create forms and reports, you should learn how to create and work with database tables.

InfoMaker is installed with an SQL Anywhere database. You can create and work with tables in the SQL Anywhere database and in any other database you have access to.

After you create a table, you can display its columns on a form and use the form to add information into the database. For a final printed copy of the data in your tables, you can create and print reports.

In this tutorial you:

  • Create a database table

  • Define extended attribute information

  • Add data to the table

When you are finished, you can create forms to view and update information, and you can create and print reports using information in the table.

How long does this tutorial take?

About 45 minutes.