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   Create a new report from an existing one

Now you copy a form, a query, and two reports onto the diskette. Then you can give them to another InfoMaker user. That user can then use and/or modify them. Remember that the other user must also be able to access the database.

All InfoMaker users have SQL Anywhere and the contact table. That means other InfoMaker users can run the form, query, and reports you have created in this tutorial.

  1. In the List view of the Library painter, click contactgrid (scroll the list in the Library painter as necessary).

    Press Ctrl and click contacts_by_jobrole.

    Press Ctrl and click d_dddw_states.

    Press Ctrl and click q_expenses.

    Press Ctrl and click contact_maintenance.

    The five objects you selected are highlighted. You can copy, move, or delete them. You are going to copy them to the diskette.


    You can sort the view by modification date to make it easier to locate objects you have just created or changed.

    Why you include the report named d_dddw_states

    The contact_maintenance form uses a DropDownDataWindow edit style for the state column. That edit style uses the report named d_dddw_states, which must be present in the library when you run the form.

    If you create a new library for objects you create using the Demo Database, you need to copy the eight reports that begin with d_dddw from the tutor_im.pbl to the new library. These reports go with the DropDownDataWindow edit styles that the tables in the Demo Database use.

    There is a way to make the reports centrally available. See the InfoMaker User's Guide.

  2. Click the Copy button in the PainterBar.

    The Select Library dialog box displays.

  3. Change drives to the diskette drive.

    Select mylib.pbl.

    Click Open.

    InfoMaker copies the selected objects onto the diskette. It takes a minute or so. You can see messages about the copying at the bottom of your screen.

  4. Navigate to the diskette drive.

    The Library painter lists the contents of mylib.pbl, the current library.