Bug Fixes

The following bugs are fixed in PowerServer 2020 GA 2333 Japanese (compared to 2020 GA 2323 English):

  • (Bug ID: 4473) The OLE control does not work well on PowerServer 2020 build 2323.

The following bugs are fixed in PowerServer Mobile Templates 2020 MR 2328 (compared to 2020 GA 2323) (you can download the latest templates from the Appeon website):

  • When calling SendRequest to send the request from the HTTPClient object to the server, the method failed with the return code: 0- Msg: undefined.

The following bugs are fixed in PowerServer 2020 GA 2323 English (compared to 2019 MR 2151 English and 2019 MR 2199 Japanese):

  • (Bug ID: 2905) The date columns in DataWindows may process the year value (for example 0000) incorrectly.

  • (Bug ID: 1723) On Android, DataStore printing may throw exception.

  • (Bug ID: N/A) On Android, the lines in DataWindow group header bands do not show properly.

  • (Bug ID: 3635) On Samsung devices, the number keyboard in the default Samsung input mode does not show the “.”symbol.

  • (Bug ID: 1659) On Android, the date in an EditMask field may not show correctly.

  • (Bug ID: 3114) The Modified event is not triggered when the content in an EditMask control is all deleted by pressing the Delete key.

  • (Bug ID: 3522) On iOS, the GPS location obtained is unchanged when the GPS is on or off.

  • (Bug ID: 3482) Reading data into a string variable using FileReadEx causes memory leak on mobile.

  • (Bug ID: 3610) RichTextEdit InputFieldChangeData function does not work.

  • (Bug ID: 3061) (Fixed in Web only) Pasting text in a format column of a DataWindow does not work well.

  • (Bug ID: 1708) When the DataWindow data includes double quotation marks or comma, the content exported to the CVS file will be different from PowerBuilder.

  • (Bug ID: 3592) Match function returns false when matching strings that include line breaks with the pattern ".*".

  • (Bug ID: 3610) Calling RichTextEdit SaveDocument function causes the deployed Web app to crash.

  • (Bug ID: 2594) When the MDI window title includes special characters such as Chinese, opening the application via HTTPS connection displays blank page on Chrome.

  • (Bug ID: 3609) DataWindow AutoSizeHeight property causes IE crash when the DataWindow height is less than 20.

  • (Bug ID: 2828) (Fixed in Web only) DataWindow LastRowOnPage property returns -1 when there is no row.

  • (Bug ID: N/A) Application does not work on Chrome when Chrome's language is set to Arabic.

  • (Bug ID: 3001) When moving focus among multiple RadioButtons in a GroupBox, the order changes randomly.

  • (Bug ID: 3654) (Fixed in Web only) Assigning array values to the DataWindow columns does not work if only some (not all) rows are selected.

  • (Bug ID: 1250) Pictures always show after the window on Android; picture scrolling is choppy

  • (Bug ID: 2856) Picture scrolling is choppy on mobile.

  • (Bug ID: 2942) Passing structure variable to functions consumes a lot of memory, and the memory is not released until application exits on Android.

  • (Bug ID: N/A) Printer settings does not take effect on Web when printing a job.

  • (Bug ID: 2727) Offline apps would fail to start after a major version upgrade.

  • (Bug ID: 946) of_getappeonwebversion and of_getappeonadtversion does not work and should be removed from the workarounds PBL.

  • (Bug ID: 3119) Appeon Debugger always pops up JS size over 500KB error on Windows 10 even if it is a very small app.

  • (Bug ID: 3604) The OLE control (such as Adobe Acrobat DC Browser, Adobe Acrobat Reader) does not work on web.

  • (Bug ID: N/A) External data source which contains multiple languages are imported to contain garbage characters.

  • (Bug ID: N/A) When upgraded to PowerServer 2017 or 2019, RichText DataWindow cannot show data.

  • (Bug ID: 3668) The disabled button in DataWindow causes the GDI object leaks on the Web browser.

  • (Bug ID: 3603) The user keystore file is not used when packaging the Android app; the default Appeon keystore file is used instead.