PowerServer Packaging Tool changes

PowerServer Packaging Tool has been changed in the following aspects:

  • All mobile templates which will be used to create the mobile app package are available for downloading and installing from Internet. This enables the package tool to always generate app packages that support the most current mobile environment, while without needing to upgrade the package tool frequently. You can install the mobile templates from the PowerBuilder Installer or from the Appeon web site.

  • The packaging tool is re-designed so that the package profile configuration process and the packaging process are logically separated.

  • The packaging tool will no longer generate the Android APK file, instead, it will generate the Android project files which developer can compile as an APK file by themselves, because Android Studio is not allowed to be built into the package tool any more.

For more information, refer to the section called “Packaging a stand-alone mobile project” in PowerServer Toolkit User Guide.