NativePDF enhancements

Two additional properties are added to the Application object to help PowerServer Web set NativePDF as the default printing method for PDF.

  • nativepdfvalid - When it is set to TRUE, use NativePDF! as the default PDF method for all DataWindows in the current application. If it is set to FALSE, the setting in the scripts or in the DataWindow painter will be used as the PDF method. This property can be used to change the default method for all existing DataWindows which use the Distill! method by default. New DataWindows will automatically use the NativePDF! method by default starting from PowerBuilder 2019 R2.

  • nativepdfincludecustomfont - When it is set to TRUE, package the custom fonts with your application if your DataWindows use many custom fonts, and these custom fonts are not supported well by the operating system and Adobe Reader. Note that using custom fonts will increase the generated PDF file size.

Note that NativePDF is unsupported in Mobile apps and IWA apps.