Bug Fixes


The following bugs are fixed in PowerBuilder 2019 R3 GA 2670 (compared to 2019 R2 MR 2353):

  • (Bug ID: 2885) 1) Runtime Packager installs 64-bit components into the "Program Files (x86)" folder instead of the "Program Files" folder. 2) PowerBuilder Runtime Packager start menu shortcuts are added with version numbers to help differentiate from multiple versions installed on the same machine.

  • (Bug ID: 5615) PowerBuilder app randomly crashes on right-mouse clicks when theme is used.

  • (Bug ID: 5553) PrintGetPrinter crashes when no printer is installed.

  • (Bug ID: 5501) ExportJSON crashes after destroying a column.

  • (Bug ID: 5587) Unable to switch menu and toolbar icons of PNG format during runtime.

  • (Bug ID: 5528) When connecting to ASE in the PB IDE, IDE crashes.

  • (Bug ID: 5551) When executing CloseUserObject to close a user object that contains an OLE, IDE as well as the PB application both will crash.

  • (Bug ID: 5520) PB application crashes when using MSOLEDBSQL SQL Server with StaticBind=1.

  • (Bug ID: 5531) Redundant comma in the RuntimeVersion key value under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Sybase\PowerBuilder Runtime.

  • (Bug ID: 4884) When using NativePDF to export images, images are overlapped in the PDF file.

  • (Bug ID: 1952) When using NativePDF to export a radio button, the radio button looks different in the PDF file.

  • (Bug ID: 4484) When using NativePDF to export a barcode, the barcode looks different in the PDF file and the barcode in the PDF file cannot be scanned.

  • (Bug ID: 3611) The page margin looks different in the PDF files generated with NativePDF by a virtual printer and a physical printer.

  • (Bug ID: 4856) The page margin settings have no effect when the PDF file is generated with NativePDF by the default Office printer such as OneNote.

  • (Bug ID: 3441) The page count is different between the print preview and the PDF file generated with NativePDF by a physical printer.

  • (Bug ID: 2447) Extra spaces are added to the left or above the RichEdit column after saving as NativePDF.

  • (Bug ID: N/A) The PDF file generated using NativePDF shows "datawindow" as the default title which is incorrect.

  • (Bug ID: 4901) Special characters are replaced incorrectly in the PDF file when exported using NativePDF.

  • (Bug ID: 5354) The number of pages of the PDF files for the same DataWindow exported using NativePDF keeps increasing.

  • (Bug ID: 5093) The objects beneath band are not shown in the DataWindow, while displayed in PDF.

  • (Bug ID: 5359) .NET DLL Importer does not generate source-files inside the ws_objects folder after it successfully imports the .NET class as NVOs.

  • (Bug ID: 5419) Fast clicking on different DataWindow rows causes the application to crash.

  • (Bug ID: 4126) Images are ignored for DataWindow controls when using a custom theme file.

  • (Bug ID: 5304) "Orca error in 'scc set target '. Result Code -13." error occurs when executing ORCA script to compile objects under source control.

  • (Bug ID: 1913) Doing a "Git Revert" is resetting the files marked with the command "git update-index --skip-worktree".

  • (Bug ID: 5269) RibbonBar Builder crashes in French system when importing an XML file that contains "FontCharSet: ansi!".

  • (Bug ID: 5290) Errors occur when running a 64-bit application deployed with Embedded Manifest.

  • (Bug ID: 5162) After executing SyntaxFromSQL function (with a failure), the local temporary table disappears.

  • (Bug ID: 3731) In dual-monitor environment, the response window always appears in the main monitor, even though its parent window is displayed in the secondary monitor.

  • (Bug ID: 2006) The background color of a DataWindow in the PowerBuilder IDE displays incorrectly.

  • (Bug ID: 3398) (DW) Saving data as XLSX stops the application if the specified folder does not exist.

  • (Bug ID: N/A) PBC imports the source files in the ws_objects folder to the PBL rather than directly compiling the PBL.

  • (Bug ID: 4823) The application executable file calls a missing library pbdynamictab190.dll.

  • (Bug ID: 4928) When objects are set with the SVN needs-lock property, Deploy Project will get error messages.

  • (Bug ID: 4899) Running SVN Diff will cause the Output window to hang.

  • (Bug ID: 3736) Runtime DLL which truncates addresses in 64-bit causes crashes if calling Get/SetWindowLong instead of Get/SetWindowLongPtr.