Adding applications

Appeon Workspace provides several ways to add applications.

Step 1: Use one of the following methods to open the Add App screen.

  • Tap the add icon () on the left of the titlebar; or

  • Tap the Add App icon () (only available when there is no apps installed) in the data area; or

  • Tap the settings icon () on the right of the titlebar, then tap the Settings option on the popup menu, and then tap the Add App option.

The Add App screen appears, as shown in the following figure.

Add a new app

Step 2: In the App URL text box, you can either manually type the application URL (a typical application URL looks similar to, or tap the scanner icon () to scan the QR code and automatically get the application URL.

If you are a server administrator, you might be interested to know how to generate the QR code (see the section called “QR code generation for mobile application(s)” in PowerServer Configuration Guide for .NET or PowerServer Configuration Guide for J2EE).

Both HTTP and HTTPs are supported in Appeon Workspace running on mobile devices.

Step 3: Tap the Test Connection button to test the app URL connection. Make sure that the connection is successful.

Step 4: Tap the back icon () on the left of the titlebar to save the information and return to the previous screen.

Once the application information is saved successfully, the application will appear in the data area on the Appeon Workspace home screen, and will start the download and install process immediately, as shown in the following figure.

Download and install apps

The newly added applications will queue up and will be automatically downloaded and installed once the previous application is finished.

During the download and install process, you can pause and resume the process by tapping the icon. For example, suppose you want to download and install application_2 first instead of application_1, you can pause the process for application_1 and tap application_2 to start the download and install process for application_2.

Apps line up to be installed