Web Browser Limitations

Appeon Web applications run well in the Edge, Chrome, FireFox, Opera, and Internet Explorer with the following limitations:

  1. More than one Appeon application can run in the same IE 8\9\10\11 session, but cannot in IE 7, Edge, Chrome, FireFox, and Opera.

    • With IE 8\9\10\11, by default, you can run no more than two Appeon web applications in different tab pages, or different IE browsers. The third Appeon web application can not be run with the default IE settings. If you need to run multiple Appeon Web applications (more than 3) with IE 8\9\10\11 you can

      • Click the File | New Session menu of IE 8\9\10\11. Then access Appeon applications in the new opened IE browser.

      • Run iexplore.exe with the -nomerge parameter so that whenever you open a new IE browser, a new session will be created. For example, you can change the shortcut of IE 8\9\10\11 to "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" –nomerge.

    • With IE 7, Edge, Chrome, FireFox, and Opera, tab browsing multiple Appeon applications that are deployed with same Appeon version is unsupported since all tabs are sharing the same session in these Web browsers.

  2. When the Web browser is refreshed, you need to log in the Web application again.

If you are an Internet Explorer user, there are more known issues:

  • Internet Explorer supports page zoom, enlarging individual Web pages, including both text and graphics, to either focus on specific content or to make content more accessible to those with vision limitations, however, this feature has no effect to Appeon application Web pages and places the UI elements in disorder.

  • When a response window of the Appeon Web application is opened in Internet Explorer, if you click the area out of the response window, the focus will be moved away from the window and you will not be able to set focus to the response window again.

  • When an Appeon Web application is opened in Internet Explorer, if you move the focus which is currently on the treeview of an MDIClient window to a different tab which has opened a non-Appeon application, and then switch back to the Appeon Web application, the toolbar of Internet Explorer will not be able to get the focus.

  • When Internet Explorer browser is displayed in full screen, the pop-up menu on the Appeon Web application will be closed automatically, because Internet Explorer automatically switches the focus.

  • When an Appeon Web application is opened in Internet Explorer, thumbnail images are unsupported.

  • If the shortcut defined in PowerBuilder application is the same as the shortcut of Internet Explorer, shortcuts in Internet Explorer have a higher priority when it is converted to the Web.