Database Profile Setup - OData Dialog Box

Define a database profile to access an OData service in PowerBuilder using the OData interface.

Connection Tab

The Connection tab includes basic connection options that you must supply to access the information in the OData service.

  • Profile Name

    The name of your database profile.

  • Connection Information

    The uniform resource identifier (URI) that represents the OData service.

  • Authenticated Access

    Select the type of access:

    • Anonymous access -- Opens up the service so it can be accessed without providing credentials.

    • Integrated Windows authentication -- Uses information on the client computer to validate the user's access.

    • Supply user ID and password -- If you select this option, enter the user name required to connect to the datasource and the password for the specified login ID.

  • OData Extended Catalog

    Use this option to define the extended attributes, such as edit styles and validation rules, that can be applied in columns of the tables. After you select this option, you can also specify the properties for each table and column. This information is saved in the registry.

Certificate Tab

The Certificate tab includes basic connection options that you must supply to access the information in the OData service.

Select one connection option:

  • No X509 Certificate

    Select this option when the OData service does not require a certificate.

  • Select a certificate from current user's personal store

    Click Change to select a certificate.

  • Specify a local certificate file

    Click Browse to select a certificate file on the local machine.

Proxy Server Tab

The Proxy Server tab has additional connection options that you can use to manage access to the OData service.

  • Use proxy server settings in Tools \ Options dialog

    Select this option when you need proxy or firewall settings to access the OData services. Before you select this option, set the proxy or firewall information in Tools > System Options > Firewall Setting. Be sure to select Use Above Values as System Defaults.

  • Bypass proxy server for local addresses

    Use this option to bypass the proxy server when the OData Service is using a local address.

Preview Tab

The Preview tab provides a convenient way to generate correct PowerScript connection syntax in the PowerBuilder development environment for use in your PowerBuilder application script.

As you complete the Database Profile Setup dialog box for OData, the correct PowerScript connection syntax for each select option is built on the Preview tab. You can then copy the syntax you want from the Preview tab into your PowerBuilder application script.

  • Copy

    Copies the selected text in the Database Connection Syntax box to the clipboard. You can then paste the syntax into your PowerBuilder script.