License types

After you purchased the Appeon product, your Appeon Website account automatically becomes the license administrator, and has the rights to manage the license in the User Center. By default, all of the licenses you have purchased are online licenses, and you can change the license type when assigning it to the user (see the section called “Assigning users” for details).

  • Online license -- Online license, as its name suggests, is used in a machine with consistent and reliable Internet connection. Once an online license is activated, Internet connection is required and can only be disconnected for no more than five days.

    A user's online license will be validated only when:

    • The user starts the PowerBuilder IDE, or

    • The user clicks the account link at the top-right corner of the PowerBuilder IDE.

    If the following two conditions are both true, the license data on the user's computer will be erased, and so the user will be prompted to re-login (and then receive the "You are already logged in" error):

    1. The validation occurs 5 days after the last successful login.

    2. Connection to the web link or from the user's computer has timed out or failed.

    "You are already logged in" error

    If this error occurs, please ask your license administrator to go to the Appeon web site and log out the problematic account there; and then you will be able to log in and activate the product again using the same account.

    Firewall settings

    If you have configured a firewall on your machine, make sure you configure your firewall to allow access to the following domain used by the Appeon online license activation mechanism:

    Protocol: HTTPS

    Port: 443

    Domain: and

  • Offline license -- Offline license can be used in a machine with or without Internet access. Make sure the local service Windows Management Instrumentation is enabled (it is enabled by default).


Online licenses can be activated on physical machines, virtual machines, and cloud-based machines.

Offline licenses for PowerServer can be activated on physical machines, virtual machines, and cloud-based machines.

Offline licenses for PowerBuilder and InfoMaker can be activated on physical machines only, and cannot be activated in virtual machines or cloud-based machines.

The virtual machines certified by Appeon include VirtualBox, HyperV, VMWare, KVM, and Virtual_PC.