Bug Fixes


The following bugs are fixed in PowerBuilder 2017 R3 (MR 1935):

  • (BugZilla ID: 2006) The background color of a DataWindow in the PowerBuilder IDE displays incorrectly.

  • (BugZilla ID: 2008) Pressing the space bar moves the focus out of the current check box in the DataWindow, instead of selecting/deselecting the check box, if the IME mode is others but not ‘A’.

  • (BugZilla ID: 3249) Suppress Repeating Values does not work if the column name starts with a double-byte number character.

  • (BugZilla ID: 3312) IME mode does not change correctly when moving focus to the DataWindow column which has changed from protected to not protected.

  • (BugZilla ID: 3368) Unable to enter the minus sign if the EditMask edit style contains double-byte Japanese characters such as "##0.0\℃".

  • (BugZilla ID: 3398) (DW) Saving data as XLSX stops the application if the specified folder does not exist.

  • (BugZilla ID: 3731) In dual-monitor environment, the response window always appears in the main monitor, even though its parent window is displayed in the secondary monitor.

  • (BugZilla ID: 3911) BackColor property of DDLB cannot be set correctly if DDLB is placed in a user object and if the user object is set to disabled.