PowerServer Toolkit

This Maintenance Release only contains the following enhancements and changes to PowerServer Toolkit:

  • (IMPORTANT) After applying this MR, the Packaging tool can create mobile app packages for PowerServer server 2019 and 2020 only; and cannot create mobile app packages for PowerServer server 2017, due to the following changes made to the Packaging tool (creating web app package is not affected by these changes):

    • All mobile templates which will be used to create the mobile app package are available for downloading and installing from Internet. This enables the package tool to always generate app packages that support the most current mobile environment, while without needing to upgrade the package tool frequently. You can install the mobile templates from the PowerBuilder Installer or from the Appeon website.

    • The packaging tool is re-designed so that the package profile configuration process and the packaging process are logically separated.

    • The packaging tool will no longer generate the Android APK file; it will only generate the Android project files which developer can compile as an APK file by themselves, because Android Studio is not allowed to be built into the package tool any more.

  • PowerServer Toolkit supports HTTPS connection with the application server and the Web server.

  • PowerServer Toolkit supports deploying and uploading the application files to the Web server via FTPS and SFTP.

  • PowerServer Toolkit supports Oracle 18c and 19c.

  • Publishing Appeon Workspace to app stores is not supported any more, due to the restrictions of the app stores (Apple App Store and Google Play). We recommend that you create a customized version of Appeon Workspace and distribute it on PowerServer or your own website.

    If you want to get a sense of how Appeon Workspace works before distributing it on your own server/website, or perform a quick test of your mobile apps in Appeon Workspace, follow the instructions at to try out the demo version of Appeon Workspace.