Enhanced source control

The SVN/Git source control is enhanced in the following aspects:

  • (SVN only) Get/Release Lock options are provided to lock the object in the source control server so that other users cannot commit changes to the object.

  • SVN Diff and Git Diff options are provided to compare an object in your local directory with the version of the object that was last synchronized with the source control server.

  • SVN Show Log and Git Show Log options are provided to display the revision logs that are input during commit.

  • Open Containing Folder option is provided to open the folder where the object is located.

  • PBL is updated according to the objects in the ws_objects folder, not the PBG files; so PBG files are removed.

  • (SVN only) If a target has already been added to SVN source control in R2, this target as well as all files under it must have their binary property removed first, in order to correctly resolve conflicts and merge changes in R3. For detailed instructions, refer to the section called “Remove the binary property from a R2 source-controlled workspace” in Users Guide.

  • OrcaScript can compile source code that is under SVN/Git control. For how to use OrcaScript commands with SVN/Git, refer to the section called “Usage notes for OrcaScript commands with SVN/Git” in Users Guide.

For more information about SVN/Git source control, refer to the section called “Using SVN source control system” in Users Guide and the section called “Using Git source control system” in Users Guide.