Known Issues

The following known issues exist in InfoMaker 2017 R3 (Build 1858):

Known issues with license

Issue 1: (InfoMaker online license renewal) Although you have set the "remind me every N days" in the Reminder for Renewal window, if you have not renewed your subscription, the window will pop up every time you log in InfoMaker. Workaround: Disable the "Sign out on exit" option in Account Management so that you do not need to log in every time you start InfoMaker.

Issue 2: (InfoMaker offline license renewal) If you have renewed your offline license in 2017 or 2017 R2, and then if you renew your offline license again after InfoMaker 2017 R3 is installed, your offline license becomes expired when you log into InfoMaker next time. This is caused by an internal change to the offline license renewal file name. To resolve this issue, you activate and renew the offline license again in the InfoMaker IDE.

Known issues with opening objects

The object (such as Menu, User Object) opens slowly in the InfoMaker 2017 R3 IDE, especially for large complex applications.

Performing a full build of the application can greatly improve the opening speed of the object.

Known issues with InfoMaker runtime packager

InfoMaker runtime packager is not installed with InfoMaker. You can use the PowerBuilder runtime packager instead if you have PowerBuilder installed, or contact the Appeon Support Center to get the installation program of InfoMaker runtime packager.