Bug Fixes

InfoMaker 2017 R3 (MR 1880) has no bug fixes or new features. It is only enhanced to be compatible with PowerBuilder 2017 R3 (MR 1880).

The following bugs are fixed in InfoMaker 2017 R3 (Build 1858):

  • (BugZilla ID: 332) RichTextEdit control displays truncated text in Paragraph orientation drop-down in Bold font.

  • (BugZilla ID: 807, 1322) InputFieldChangeData function failed to show the carriage return at the beginning of the string in the RichTextEdit control.

  • (BugZilla ID: 834, 364, 629, 942) RichTextEdit control opens very slowly and the control does not paint correctly if the default printer is a remote desktop printer.

  • (Internal Bug) On Windows 10, the column with the rich-text edit style will perform slowly (approximately 6 times slower than before), especially in the Grid or Tabular DataWindow.

  • (Internal Bug) On Windows 7 or 10, in the RichText DataWindow, when the title bar is true and the title is empty, the screen will flash if you scroll the mouse to refresh the DataWindow.

  • (Internal Bug) For InfoMaker which is activated using an online license, if it is not connecting with the Appeon license server for over 5 days, the local license will be locked when InfoMaker is launched next time without internet connection. After the local license is locked, if the same account is used to log in to InfoMaker, the message "You are already logged in" appears.