Calling Web Service

Appeon supports the Java Web services using Apache AXIS2. If you are interested to know more about the AXIS2 Web service, you can check this article on the Appeon support portal:

Appeon supports to call the Web service through the AppeonWebService object. AppeonWebService is an Appeon customized object, provided in the Appeon Workarounds PBL (see Appeon Workarounds PBL Reference in Workarounds & APIs Guide for details). You can successfully call a Web service via AppeonWebService object in a Web application, without needing to install any add-on on end users' machine. The Web service call will fail in the client/server PowerBuilder application.

The following data types are supported by the AppeonWebService object:

  • Boolean

  • Byte

  • Char

  • Decimal

  • Double

  • Integer

  • Long

  • String

And the following data types are unsupported by the AppeonWebService object:

  • Blob

  • Date

  • DateTime

  • Time

Pass by reference as well as complexed data types such as array, structure etc. are unsupported by the AppeonWebService object.

Appeon also supports to call the Web service through the Web Service DataWindow data source provided by PowerBuilder. For details, refer to DataWindow data sources.