Document Interface

Important Requirements

The following are limitations for using MDI and SDI:

  • When a sheet window is open within MDI, the toolbar of the sheet window will be added as a whole new row below the toolbar of the MDI window. (This is more limited than in PowerBuilder, where you can choose for the sheet toolbar to be added after the MDI toolbar, on the left/right of the screen, to be floating, etc.)

  • SDI can have only one menu and one toolbar.


  • Both MDI and SDI are supported, and both multiple MDI windows and multiple MDI frames are supported.

  • An MDI window can have its menu and toolbar, and every sheet window can have its own menu and toolbar, exactly like in PowerBuilder.

  • When a sheet window is opened within MDI, the menu of the sheet window will replace the menu of the MDI window. (This is called a menu switch, just as it is in PowerBuilder).

  • Appending the names of open sheets (Window list) to a menu item is supported.