DataWindow user operation differences

User interface differences

  • In some cases, text in the DataWindow will appear truncated or UI elements may not be fully visible in the window. This is because the PowerBuilder units used to size the UI of the application, such as the DataWindow rows and columns, the Window object, etc, cannot be converted to the mobile perfectly.

  • The number of data records displayed per page in deployed DataWindows may be different from that in PowerBuilder.

DataWindow modify/update

  • When you click a date field in a DataWindow, the format of the date is changed to format yyyy-mm-dd, regardless of what the original display format is.

  • If a cell in a DataWindow contains a value that is composed of only spaces and no other characters, the update to the database will fail (the value is updated to the database as an empty string rather than blank spaces). The retrieving functionality still works correctly and is not affected.

    Workaround: If a cell must be empty, make sure its value is an empty string, not a string composed of only one or more spaces. This issue affects SAP ASE, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server. It does not affect SAP ASA/SQL Anywhere.

  • In PowerBuilder, if the user drags the scroll bar while a DataWindow field is being edited, AcceptText will not be executed for the field. In the mobile DataWindow, AcceptText is executed for the field.

Text fields

To input text in a DataWindow, you can tap the field twice (first to highlight the field with blue border, second to put focus to the field and bring up the virtual keyboard) or press the field for as long as enough to bring up the keyboard. And the position of text will be moved right by one pixel when the blue border displays.

More behavioral differences

Motion effect of GIF files is unsupported.