Custom Libraries download settings

If your application utilizes a customer library (e.g. DLL, OCX, etc.), you can specify in AEM how the custom library should be downloaded to the client:

  • In most situations you should set the install mode to "Install automatically without asking user" or "Confirm with user, then install automatically". With these options, the custom libraries will be automatically downloaded and seamlessly installed to the Web browser.

  • However, if the file size of the custom libraries is extremely large (e.g. tens of megabytes), you should set the install mode to "Install manually (no automatic installation)".With this option, PowerServer does not automatically download and install the custom libraries. As such, you must distribute the custom libraries to users and your users need to install it manually.

For more details about the custom libraries download settings, refer to the section called “DLL/OCX Files” in PowerServer Configuration Guide for .NET or in PowerServer Configuration Guide for J2EE.