HyperLinkToURL function


While the HyperLinkToURL function is supported, it cannot link to the URL of an Appeon application. This is because an Internet Explorer process only supports one Appeon application at a time. Executing the HyperLinkToURL function from one Appeon application to open another will cause Internet Explorer to shut down.


Method 1: Using the Run function to open the second application

Step 1: Replace the call to the HyperLinkToURL function with a call to the Run system function. Comment out the script in the HyperLinkToURL button and add the following script:


In the code example, "" can be replaced with the URL of an Appeon application.

Step 2: At the Web server, copy the IEXPRLORE.EXE to C:\WINNT\system or C:\WINNT\system32. Alternatively, add the directory C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer in the PATH variable.

Method 2: Using the PictureHyperLink URL property to open the second application

Step 1: Add a PictureHyperLink control to the first application, from which the second application will be opened.

Step 2: Specify the URL of the second application as the URL of the PictureHyperLink control.