PowerBuilder Native Interface Programmers Guide and Reference

Appeon PowerBuilder® 2021


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Table of Contents

Programmers Guide
Introduction to PBNI
About PBNI
The elements of PBNI
Comparing PBNI and JNI
Building PowerBuilder Extensions
Nonvisual extension example
Creating a PowerBuilder extension
Adding an extension to a PowerBuilder target
Using the extension
Creating and using a visual extension
Creating visual class instances
Event processing in visual extensions
Calling PowerScript from an extension
Exception handling and debugging
Creating Marshaler Extensions
About marshaler extensions
Developing the PowerBuilder extension
Generating proxies for Java classes
Calling the Java class from PowerBuilder
Exchanging Data with PowerBuilder
About exchanging data with PowerBuilder
Passing values between extensions and the PBVM
Using the IPB_Session interface
Saving data from IPB_Value to a local variable
Using variables throughout a session
Handling enumerated types
Calling PowerBuilder from C++
About calling PowerScript from C++ applications
Calling PowerBuilder objects from C++
Accessing result sets
Processing PowerBuilder messages in C++
More PBNI possibilities
PBNI Types and Return Values
PowerBuilder to PBNI datatype mappings
Types for access to PowerBuilder data
PBNI enumerated types
Error return values
PBNI Interfaces, Structures, and Methods
Header file contents
Class and interface summary
IPB_Arguments interface
IPB_ResultSetAccessor interface
IPB_RSItemData interface
IPB_Session interface
IPB_Value interface
IPB_VM interface
IPBX_Marshaler interface
IPBX_NonVisualObject interface
IPBX_UserObject interface
IPBX_VisualObject interface
PBArrayInfo structure
PBCallInfo structure
PB_DateData structure
PB_DateTimeData structure
PB_TimeData structure
PBX_DrawItemStruct structure
PBArrayAccessor template class
PBBoundedArrayCreator template class
PBBoundedObjectArrayCreator class
PBObjectArrayAccessor class
PBUnboundedArrayCreator template class
PBUnboundedObjectArrayCreator class
Exported methods
Method exported by PowerBuilder VM
PBNI Tool Reference
APPENDIX A Using the Visual Studio Wizards
Where the wizards are installed