Why decoupling Runtime and IDE

The PowerBuilder runtime files are now separated from the PowerBuilder IDE, as an independent component "PowerBuilder Runtime".

The decoupling of Runtime and IDE makes it possible to install and upgrade IDE and Runtime separately, and one IDE and native C/S application can work with multiple runtime versions without needing to upgrade IDE or re-compile the application. For example, in the previous versions, when there was a new release, especially a release with new features or bug fixes on the runtime, if the developer wants to test it, s/he will have to configure a new environment or back up the existing environment before installing the new release, to avoid affecting the existing application. And now that Runtime is separated as an independent component, multiple runtime versions can be installed on the same machine, developers can switch to the new runtime version with only one click in the IDE, and if any issue is found, s/he can switch back to the original runtime in seconds; or if testing goes successfully, s/he can distribute the new runtime files with the application executable and configure the application executable to use the new runtime immediately without re-compiling the application executable.