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Table of Contents

Basic Requirements and Recommendations
Basic Requirements
Requirements for Upgrading PowerBuilder Applications
Application Language Recommendations
Web Browser Limitations
Application Techniques
Program Access Techniques
Using OLE in an application
Using external functions
Using Run PowerScript function
Building a mail-enabled application
Using Drag and Drop
Using Unicode
Web enhancements and differences
Appeon enhancements and differences
Appeon security enhancement
Installing Appeon Xcelerator plug-in
PowerServer open interfaces
Application differences
DataWindow enhancements and differences
Appeon DataWindow menu
DataWindow printing
DataWindow user operation differences
Object Control Enhancements and Differences
Object/control enhancements
Object/control user operation differences
System Objects and Controls
Supported Controls
Unsupported controls
System objects
Supported Objects
Unsupported Objects
PowerScript Reference
PowerScript Topics
Object-Oriented programming
Language basics
Data types
Operators & expressions
User objects
Calling functions and events
Document Interface
Era setting (JP version only)
PowerScript statements
Using PowerBuilder Source Editor
Embedded SQL
Database server and data types
Transaction management statements
Non-cursor statements
Cursor statements
Database stored procedures
Dynamic SQL
System functions
Supported types
Unsupported types
User functions
Event types
System messages
System message (non-standard EventID)
DataWindow data sources
Using SQL statements in DataWindows
DataWindow presentation styles
Composite DataWindow
CrossTab DataWindow
Grouping in DataWindow
Graph DataWindow
RichText DataWindow
TreeView DataWindow
Displaying and validating data
Dynamic DataWindow
DataWindow operators and expressions
DataWindow objects and their properties
DataWindow object
DataWindow object properties
Controls in a DataWindow and their properties
DataWindow data and property expressions
DataWindow constants
DataWindow control
Properties of DataWindow control
Events for the DataWindow control
Functions of DataWindow control
DataStore object
Properties of DataStore object
Events of DataStore object
Functions of DataStore object
DataWindowChild object
Properties of DataWindowChild object
Functions for DataWindowChild
DataWindow performance considerations
DBParm parameters in Database
Calling Web Service
PowerBuilder Document Object Model
Undetected Unsupported Features