See also: Encrypt UltraLite database

The UltraLite database file can be encrypted. You can choose to use a simple or strong encryption for the database file when you create the database in Sybase Central, as shown in the figure below.

Encryption type in Sybase Central

Under Encrypt the database, either select the Use simple encryption (obfucscation) option or the Use strong encryption option.

  • Use simple encryption (obfucscation): Only fuzzily encrypts the database files and no encryption keys are required in the application scripts.

  • Use strong encryption: If you have selected this option, configure the Algorithm and the Encryption key (specified in the application scripts) accordingly.

    The database file will be encrypted by using the key you input. And you will need to input the same encryption key when you configure the database file in PowerServer Toolkit, so that the encrypted database can be accessed by the mobile application. See step 7 in Task 3: Configure the offline settings.