Applies to

JSONPackage controls


Specifies whether to ignore the case for key. Values are:

  • TRUE – Ignores the case for key. This is the default value.

  • FALSE – Respects the case for key.


In scripts

The IgnoreCase property takes a boolean value. The default is true.

The following example specifies that the case for key is respected:

boolean lb_exist
JsonPackage lnv_package

lnv_package = create JsonPackage
lnv_package.ignorecase = false 

// package the data
lnv_package.SetValue("d_employee", dw_employee)
//lb_exist returns false
lb_exist = lnv_package.ContainsKey("D_EMPLOYEE")
//lb_exist returns true
lb_exist = lnv_package.ContainsKey("d_employee")