Establishes an ORCA session and returns a handle that you use for subsequent ORCA calls.


HPBORCA PBORCA_SessionOpen ( void );

Return value

HPBORCA. Returns a handle to the ORCA session if it succeeds and returns 0 if it fails. Opening a session fails only if no memory is available.


You must open a session before making any other ORCA function calls.

There is no overhead or resource issue related to keeping an ORCA session open; therefore, once it is established, you can leave the session open as long as it is needed.

For some ORCA tasks, such as importing and querying objects or building executables, you must call PBORCA_SessionSetLibraryList and PBORCA_SessionSetCurrentAppl to provide an application context after opening the session.

Likewise, PBORCA_SccSetTarget provides an implicit application context for SCC operations. Do not call PBORCA_SessionSetLibraryList and PBORCA_SetCurrentAppl if you intend to call PBORCA_SccSetTarget.


This example opens an ORCA session:

lpORCA_Info->hORCASession = PBORCA_SessionOpen();
if (lpORCA_Info->hORCASession = NULL)
lpORCA_Info->lReturnCode = 999;
_TEXT("Open session failed"));

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