Working with a DataStore

To use a DataStore, you first need to create an instance of the DataStore object in a script and assign the DataWindow object to the DataStore. Then, if the DataStore is intended to retrieve data, you need to set the transaction object for the DataStore. Once these setup steps have been performed, you can retrieve data into the DataStore, share data with another DataStore or DataWindow control, or perform other processing.


The following script uses a DataStore to retrieve data from the database. First it instantiates the DataStore object and assigns a DataWindow object to the DataStore. Then it sets the transaction object and retrieves data into the DataStore:

datastore lds_datastore
lds_datastore = CREATE datastore
lds_datastore.DataObject = "d_cust_list"
lds_datastore.SetTransObject (SQLCA)
/* Perform some processing on the data... */