Task 2.1: Install PowerBuilder and PowerServer

Step 1: Start IIS server: open IIS Manager, right click the top node (not the website node) in the treeview and select Start from the popup menu.

Step 2: Log into the Appeon User Center, and download the Appeon Installer executable from the Downloads page on the Appeon User Center.

The Appeon Installer executable (AppeonInstaller_bootstrapper.exe) is available in your download directory after it is downloaded.

Step 3: Double click AppeonInstaller_bootstrapper.exe to start the Appeon Installer (you must have administrator privileges to run the installer).

Step 4: Select to agree to the license terms and click Continue.

Step 5: Click Install under PowerBuilder 2019 and select Universal Edition.

Step 6: From the Available list on the Products tab, select PowerBuilder IDE, PowerServer (PB Edition), and PowerServer Toolkit.

Step 7: Click Install to begin the installation.

Step 8: When the installations are completed, click Restart now to reboot the system.