Views in Appeon Debugger

Appeon Debugger contains all the views provided by PowerBuilder Debugger except for Instances View and Objects in Memory view. Each Appeon Debugger view shows almost the same information as its counterpart in PowerBuilder Debugger. The following table summarizes the general differences between the two.

Table 31. Comparing the views in Appeon Debugger and PowerBuilder Debugger


Unique to Appeon Debugger (Unavailable in PowerBuilder Debugger)

Unique to PowerBuilder Debugger (Unavailable in Appeon Debugger)


Identifies Appeon unsupported features with the icon ()

  • Ancestor Script popup menu item

  • Descendant Script popup menu item

Source Browser


List of system events, or the events and functions defined in parent classes, or some special events (such as Menu OnCreate event)

Source History




The values of variables unsupported by Appeon are marked as "unsupported".

The Global view displays all global variables used in the application, while PowerBuilder Debugger only displays instantiated global variables.

  • Parent and Shared views

  • Parent popup menu item

  • Shared popup menu item

  • Break on changes popup menu item

Call Stack





  • Setting special breakpoints

  • Setting occasional or conditional breakpoints

  • Setting a breakpoint when a variable changes


Appeon Debugger handles some expressions in a unique way.

Break on changes popup menu item

Although the views of Appeon Debugger and PowerBuilder Debugger look similar, they cannot be used together. For example, the breakpoints set in Appeon Debugger cannot be recognized by PowerBuilder Debugger, and vice versa.