Migrating PowerBuilder Applications

PowerBuilder® 2017 R3


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Table of Contents

Migrating from any PowerBuilder version
Migration Assistant
Migrating PBLs and performing a full build
Migrating database profiles (IM)
Runtime DLLs (IM)
Migrating PowerBuilder Extension applications
GetFileOpenName Initdir parameter behavior
Migrating from PowerBuilder 12.6 or earlier
Oracle JDK replaces SAP JVM (IM)
Appeon branding
"PowerBuilder Classic" renamed (IM)
.NET assembly/Web service not available in Standard Edition
RichTextEdit control and RichText DataWindow changes (IM)
PB .NET IDE and WPF Projects Removed
EAServer Projects/Targets Removed
Windows Form Removed
Web DataWindow Removed
Migrating from PowerBuilder 12.5.2 or earlier
SAP JVM replaces JDK
SAP branding
New SoapConnection functions
Migrating .NET Targets from Earlier Versions of PowerBuilder
Migrating EAServer Targets
ImportFile size limit
OData Support
64-bit Windows Applications
New option for OrcaScript command
Migrating from PowerBuilder 12.5 or earlier
Web Forms Target Removed
Migrating from PowerBuilder 12.1 or earlier
RTF and Images in the DataWindow Object
User-Drawn Controls in DataWindow Objects
Window Control transparent Value and transparency property
Support for New ASE 15.5 Datatypes (IM)
Sharing Datasources with .NET
AutoWidth Property (IM)
Support for Tab Sequence, Enabled, and Show Focus Rectangle Properties
Migrating from PowerBuilder 12.0 or earlier
ASE 15.5 Support (IM)
Sql Anywhere 12.0 support (IM)
HasMinHeight Property
FontHeight Function
Find Function
Migrating from PowerBuilder 11.5.1 or earlier
Deprecated functionality
PowerBuilder Classic and PowerBuilder .NET
Platform support (IM)
New properties, functions and database parameters
Enhancements to the Runtime Packager
Enhancements for the ADO.NET Interface
Migrating from PowerBuilder 11.5 or earlier
Deployment support for the Windows 2000 platform (IM)
JDK 1.6 Support (IM)
FIPS 140-2 certification (IM)
Support for Microsoft Office 2007 Excel formats (IM)
Support for SQL Anywhere 11.0 mirroring (IM)
Informix 11.5 Support (IM)
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 support (IM)
Migrating from PowerBuilder 11.2 or earlier
Directory changes for FDCC compliance (IM)
Deprecated Features
Migrating from PowerBuilder 11.1 or earlier
AJAX update functionality for Web Forms applications
Telerik RadControls replace IE Web Controls in Web Forms applications
Migrating from PowerBuilder 11.0 or earlier
Migrating to Microsoft Vista (IM)
Migrating from PowerBuilder 10.5 or earlier
Migrating EAServer targets
Migrating from PowerBuilder 10 or earlier
Toolbar changes in PowerBuilder 10.5
Icon changes in PowerBuilder 10.5 (IM)
Migrating components to EAServer 6.0.1 or later
Creating an EJB client application for EAServer 6.x
PowerBuilder system types as variable names in proxies
OLE DB performance with Microsoft SQL Server
Change in behavior of OpenTab
RichTextEdit control and RichText DataWindow changes (IM)
Some PSR files must be regenerated (IM)
Migrating from PowerBuilder 9 or earlier
Unicode changes (IM)
Automatic changes made when you migrate
ImportFile size limit
Migrating Web and JSP targets
JSP object model changes
DBCS text in object properties is not converted correctly (IM)
XML string encoding
Runtime errors in EAServer
Using masks with “as is” characters
Format of WMF files saved from DataWindows changed
MTS/COM+ components must be redeployed
Change in Date function behavior
Migrating from PowerBuilder 8 or earlier
Changed format of PSR files (IM)
Source code control changes
ScrollToRow behavior change
Web ActiveX deployment requirements (IM)
Migrating from PowerBuilder 7 or earlier
Adding targets to a workspace
Distributed PowerBuilder is not supported
Reserved words
SystemError event change
IsValid function change
Format for color options changed (IM)
Web DataWindow migration issues
DataWindow method return values for empty DataObject property
ScrollNextRow and ScrollPriorRow behavior change
Changed behavior of OpenSheet functions
Migrating from PowerBuilder 6.5 or earlier
Nested reports in DataWindow objects renamed (IM)
Icons for windows must be assigned
ListView and TreeView controls events changed