Task 3: Install Appeon Workspace (on the Android or iOS device)

Instructions for installing Appeon Workspace on the Android device is different from that on the iOS device.

Instructions for iOS:

Step 1: Make sure your iOS device can connect to Internet.

Step 2: On your iOS device, open App Store, search for "Appeon Workspace", and then tap Install.

Alternatively, you can download Appeon Workspace from the Apple App Store to your Windows PC via a Web browser, and then synchronize it to your iOS device via iTunes.

Instructions for Android:

Step 1: Enable the Unknown resources option (in Settings > Security) on the Android device so you can install apps that are not downloaded from Google Play.

Step 2: Make sure your Android device can connect to PowerServer.

Step 3: Visit the Appeon Workspace download center that is posted on PowerServer (http://Server_IP:80/AWS), and then click the download button.