Built-in PowerServer Mobile

PowerServer Mobile (formerly Appeon Mobile) is built into PowerBuilder 2017 Universal edition by default, which enables PowerBuilder developers to deploy their client/server apps to the mobile device.


The Web deployment features are not available in this built-in PowerServer Mobile edition.

This built-in PowerServer Mobile edition is called PowerServer Mobile (PB Edition) which includes the following components:

  • PowerServer Toolkit

    A set of tools that enable the mobile application generation, maintenance, and upgrades within the PowerBuilder IDE.

    IMPORTANT: The PowerServer Toolkit 2017 can deploy apps to PowerServer 2017 or 2016 (in version 2016, PowerServer is called Appeon Server).

  • PowerServer Mobile (.NET platform)

    A set of server components that are deployed to the .NET IIS application server and that provide the mobile apps with run-time services such as data connectivity, DataWindow support, transaction management, and security.

  • PowerServer Help

    A set of user documents that help PowerBuilder developers use PowerServer.

Note that PowerServer Mobile needs to be activated with an online or offline license first before it can be used. For detailed instructions, please follow the Activating PowerServer Mobile (PB Edition) (2017) or Activating PowerServer Mobile (PB Edition) (2017 R2) section in the Appeon License User Guide online help.