Working with Database Connections

This part describes how to establish, manage, and troubleshoot database connections.

Table of Contents

Managing Database Connections
About database connections
When database connections occur
Using database profiles
Connecting to a database
Selecting a database profile
What happens when you connect
Specifying passwords in database profiles
Maintaining database profiles
Sharing database profiles
About shared database profiles
Setting up shared database profiles
Using shared database profiles to connect
Making local changes to shared database profiles
Maintaining shared database profiles
Importing and exporting database profiles
About the InfoMaker extended attribute system tables
Logging on to your database for the first time
Displaying the InfoMaker extended attribute system tables
Contents of the extended attribute system tables
Controlling system table access
Setting Additional Connection Parameters
Basic steps for setting connection parameters
About the Database Profile Setup dialog box
Setting database parameters
Setting database parameters in the development environment
Setting database preferences
Setting database preferences in the development environment
Troubleshooting Your Connection
Overview of troubleshooting tools
Using the Database Trace tool
About the Database Trace tool
Starting the Database Trace tool
Stopping the Database Trace tool
Specifying a nondefault Database Trace log
Using the Database Trace log
Sample Database Trace output
Using the ODBC Driver Manager Trace
About ODBC Driver Manager Trace
Starting ODBC Driver Manager Trace
Stopping ODBC Driver Manager Trace
Viewing the ODBC Driver Manager Trace log
Sample ODBC Driver Manager Trace output
Using the JDBC Driver Manager Trace
About JDBC Driver Manager Trace
Starting JDBC Driver Manager Trace
Stopping JDBC Driver Manager Trace
Viewing the JDBC Driver Manager Trace log