New features added in PowerServer 2017

PowerServer 2017 contains the following new features:

PowerServer 2017 also makes the following important changes:

  • Removes PowerServer Toolkit from the following PowerServer editions: Developer, Workgroup, & Enterprise, so PowerServer Toolkit is available in the PowerServer (PB Edition) only.

  • PowerServer Toolkit 2017 (which can be installed to PowerBuilder 2017 only) can deploy apps to PowerServer Web/Mobile 2017, or 2016, while PowerServer Web/Mobile 2017 can only host apps deployed from PowerServer Toolkit 2017 (not 2016 or earlier toolkit).

  • Drops support for EAServer (as application server), Appeon Mobile Emulator, and Appeon Performance Analyzer.

  • Changes the product and component name: from Appeon Server -> PowerServer, Appeon Developer -> PowerServer Toolkit, Appeon Server Web Component -> PowerServer Web Component, Appeon Help -> PowerServer Help.