Era setting (PB 12.5.2 JP version only)

In PowerBuilder 12.5.2 Japanese version, an INI file named GENGOJPN.INI is added to set the era setting for calendar display. For PowerServer Web to support this setting, the GENGOJPN.INI file will need to be deployed to PowerServer via the PowerServer Toolkit first, besides that, this setting has the following differences between PowerBuilder and PowerServer Web:

  • Changes to the year in the GENGOJPN.INI file will not take effect in PowerBuilder, but will take effect in PowerServer Web.

  • If any erroneous changes made to the GENGOJPN.INI file such as incorrect date format, missing parameters etc., PowerServer Web will display question marks ("?") in the ggnn format, while PowerBuilder will still be able to display the date in the original format (though not the format in the INI file).

  • If the GENGOJPN.INI file is detected by the Web application, the Japanese date format will display according to the setting in GENGOJPN.INI, no matter which PowerBuilder version it is in; while in PowerBuilder, only the GENGOJPN.INI file in PowerBuilder 12.5.2 will take effect and be used to display the date format.