What's New in 2015 Maintenance Release

2015 Maintenance Release includes a few new features:

  • Supports new environment: Windows 10 & IIS 10.

  • Improves the Appeon browser plug-in to work across the Web browser where NPAPI plug-ins are disabled such as Chrome 42 or above.

  • Supports text centered vertically in SingleLineEdit, StaticText, & EditMask controls (mobile only).

  • Able to get the width and height of the Appeon Workspace screen.

  • Supports the hide/display of the normal view icon on the Appeon Workspace title bar.

  • Supports the HintText property of the SingleLineEdit control (mobile only).

  • Supports the Run PowerScript function on Android OS.

  • Supports compiling the 64-bit compatible iOS native apps.

  • Supports the silent installation of all Appeon components including Appeon Developer, Appeon Server of all types (except for EAServer and NetWeaver), Appeon Server Web Component, and Appeon Help.

  • Enhances NCharBind to support MS SQL Server.

  • Supports the era setting of PowerBuilder 12.5 Japanese version.