Set up the development machine with the following OS and software (install the software in the order listed):

  • Windows 10 (64-bit)

  • PostgreSQL 12

    During installation, make sure the Command Line Tools component is selected to install, and specify and write down the following information:

    Data Directory: C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\12\data by default

    Database Superuser: postgres by default

    Password for Database Superuser: (this password is set during installation) postgres in this tutorial

    Port Number: 5432 by default

  • PostgreSQL ODBC driver (32-bit)

    The 32-bit version of PostgreSQL ODBC driver is required by the PowerBuilder IDE to establish database connection with the PostgreSQL database; therefore the PostgreSQL ODBC driver (32-bit) must be installed on the development PC.

  • PowerBuilder IDE 2021

    During installation, make sure to select the PostgreSQL engine for the PowerBuilder demo database.

    The PowerBuilder demo database file for PostgreSQL (pbpostgres2021.dmp) will be installed to the %Public%\Documents\Appeon\PowerBuilder 21.0\ directory.

  • PowerBuilder Runtime 2021

  • PowerServer Toolkit 2021

  • SnapDevelop 2021

  • Google Chrome (optional)