Starting the database

Step 1: Download the database file ( from

Or copy the database file (pbpostgres2021.dmp) from the PowerBuilder demo installation folder (%Public%\Documents\Appeon\PowerBuilder 21.0\) to the database server, if you have installed PowerBuilder IDE according to Task 3: Setting up the development PC.

Step 2: Restore and run the database in the management tool for PostgreSQL.

  1. Select Windows Start menu | PostgreSQL 12 | pgAdmin 4.

    pgAdmin 4 is a Web application. If pgAdmin 4 cannot run in Internet Explorer (the default Web browser in Windows Server 2019), you can install and try Google Chrome.

  2. Expand Servers | PostgreSQL, right click Databases, and select Create | Database.

  3. Input PBDemo in the Database field and click Save.

  4. Right click PBDemo that was just created, and select Restore.

  5. Select the pbpostgres2021.dmp file and click Restore.

    After the database file is restored, you will be able to view the following schemas:

  6. Open the pg_hba.conf file in a text editor and add the following line. The pg_hba.conf file is located in %PostgreSQL%\12\data. This enables the database server to allow remote connections.

    host    all             all                  md5