Change the Web API URL

To change the Web API URL for a deployed application:

  1. Install the ASP.NET Core Runtime 3.1 or later.

  2. Open the command prompt. (You'd better run the command prompt using an administrator by right-clicking it and then selecting "Run as administrator").

  3. Navigate to the Web server root folder > [application] folder > "1.01" (for example, C:\inetpub\wwwroot\pssales\1.01).

  4. Execute the CustomizeDeploy.dll file using the dotnet command.

    • Syntax 1

      dotnet CustomizeDeploy.dll -url=<URL>

      The "url" argument should point to the new Web API URL that you want to change to.

      For example

      dotnet CustomizeDeploy.dll -url=

    • Syntax 2

      dotnet CustomizeDeploy.dll -url

      If the "url" argument is not set with any value, it will get the current URL. Therefore, you can run this command to check what the current Web API URL is.