About cloud app launcher

You can determine which type of cloud app launcher you want to upload to the server:

  • Launcher without background service: This launcher program does NOT use a background service. As such, it should be easier to install and use and does not require administrator rights. However, it has certain dependency on the browser, which may result in different installation experience depending on the browser used and its configuration. If there are multiple users on the client machine, the launcher will need to be installed for each user.

  • Launcher with background service: The launcher program uses a background service. If there are multiple users on the client machine, the launcher will need to be installed for each user, and only the first installation requires administrator rights to install and start the service. If the launcher is installed on the machine for the first time by a user without administrator rights, a window will pop up for inputting the administrator user name and password; after that, the other users also need to install the launcher but they do not need to have administrator rights, and all users will use the service started by the first installation. This launcher type does NOT have dependency on the browser.

When and why administrator rights are required?

When the cloud app launcher is first installed on the client, it needs to add the following entries to the registry:

  • A registry entry for the protocol

  • A registry entry for starting the launcher

  • A registry entry for information that will be used by uninstall

Adding entries to the registry does not need administrator rights, unless the launcher with the background service which supports multiple Windows users (that is, the Default_WithServiceMulti or Default_Both_WithServiceMulti launcher) is installed, in such case, the launcher must be registered using administrator rights, so that the launcher can be started as a system-level service and used by all Windows users.