Failed to update NuGet packages in PowerServer solution

The PowerServer solution failed to update the NuGet packages; or the PowerServer solution failed to build because the dependent NuGet packages were not updated.


1) Make sure the computer can connect to the NuGet site (https://www.nuget.org).

2) Clean and then rebuild the PowerServer solution.

Static SQLs do not work in MySQL after deployment

The static SQLs are not working in MySQL after compiled in PowerBuilder. For example,

Select count(*)  into :li_count from esq_dept;

is compiled as

select count ( * ) from esq_dept;

which no longer works in MySQL (syntax error occurs as there is a redundant space after the function name "count"). Functions such as count, sum, avg etc. have the same problem.


Go to the PowerServer solution, open the appname_Select.cs file under the AppModels project, and remove the redundant space after the function name, for example,

Select count( *) from esq_dept