Configuring and deploying PowerServer projects

Permission errors when configuring the Web server profile

Permission errors occur when testing the file path in the Web server profile or trying to connect to the Web server during the deployment process.


1. Restart PowerBuilder IDE using the "Run as administrator" option.

2. Check if the Windows user has read and write permissions to the Web root.

Error during the build process

The following error occurs when building the PowerServer project:

Error: ERROR [42000] [Sybase][ODBC Driver][SQL Anywhere]Syntax error near ###'…


When configuring the database cache in the Database Configuration, please click the Advanced Settings, and make sure the DelimitIdentifier option is enabled.

Error in the Unsupported (DWs) window

When converting the DataWindow to the model, the following error occurs in the Unsupported (DWs) window:

Error: Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'user'.


The database table or data field contains keywords, and the DelimitIdentifier property is specified in the DataWindow DBParm.


When configuring the Database Configuration in the PowerServer project, make sure to click the Advanced button and then set DelimitIdentifier to True.

Failed to generate the PowerServer Web API project

The following error is reported in the Output window during the build & deploy process:

Failed to delete the file “C:\Users\appeon\source\repos\PowerServer_pssales1\ServerAPIs\bin\Debug\netcoreapp3.1\xxxx.dll” 
because it may be occupied by another program. Error code: 5.
Failed to generate the PowerServer Web API project. Error code: 0.


Failed to delete the folder “C:\Users\appeon\source\repos\PowerServer_pssales1\ServerAPIs” 
because it may be occupied by another program. Error code: 32.
Failed to generate the PowerServer Web API project. Error code: 0.


1. Close the PowerServer Web API solution (PowerServer_pssales1 in the above example) if it is currently opened in any C# editor.

2. Close the Web APIs if it is currently running.

3. Build and deploy the project again.

Error uploading application files to FTP

The following error might occur while deploying the client app files to an FTP server:

Failed to connect to the server, it does not have permission to upload files.
Failed to publish the installable cloud app.


The FTP user has no write permission.


Make sure the FTP user you set has write permissions, especially when you use an FTP server in the cloud.

Alternatively, you can package and distribute the application files to the server manually. To package the application files, right click on the PowerServer project in the system tree, and select Package PowerServer Project…; or see Packaging the client app for more information.

Changed PBL list

The following message displays when you deployed a project that has already been deployed successfully before.

The current library list is different from the library list contained within this project. The project library list has been updated. 
Refresh build options for the changed list and try again.


The PBL list was updated (for example, with new or deleted PBLs) after it was first successfully deployed.

It is a known issue that it takes a project (especially a large project) a long time to display this prompt. This issue will be addressed in the later release.


Build and deploy the project again.