In this tutorial, install the following software (in the order listed) on the same machine. You will use that machine as the development, client, and server machine (Web server, API server, as well as database server).

  • Windows 10 (64-bit)

  • SQL Anywhere 17

  • PowerBuilder IDE 2021

    • PowerBuilder SQL Anywhere demo database

      During the PowerBuider IDE installation, make sure to select the SQL Anywhere engine for the PowerBuilder demo database, so that the SQL Anywhere database for the PowerBuilder demo will be automatically installed.

  • PowerBuilder Runtime 2021

  • PowerServer Toolkit 2021

  • Google Chrome

  • Windows IIS

    This tutorial uses IIS as the Web server to host the client-side of the installable cloud app. Follow this section Installing Web Server (IIS) to install IIS.

Make sure this machine meets the following network requirement: